Nightmare, 2021, Mixed media, 68”x54”(inch)


                                                     Ladies room 1 , 2021, Mixed media, 40”x30”(inch)



                                           Ladies room 2 , 2021, Mixed media, 50”x56”(inch)


     The way I have to work , 2021, Mops, Kitchen supplies, Table cloths, Trash bags, Acrylic paint on Stretcher bars
, 70”x61 ”(inch)


                                              Domestic life, 2021, Mixed media, 70”x61”(inch)


                                               Emancipation, 2021, Mixed media, 66”x48”(inch)


              Only one room to be permitted , 2022, Nets, Rugs, Bath shelf, Ropes, Blankets, Rubber balls, Paint palettes, Stretcher                   bars , 95”x120”(inch)


                                    Deviation , 2022, Cleaning sponges, Steal plates, Nets, Ropes, Shelf rugs, Acrylic paint on Canvas ,                                                        24”x20(inch)

Beauty for Strangers , 2022, Bed sheets, Shelf rugs, Kitchen supplies, ropes, Cleaning sponges, Mirrors, Drying racks, Power strips,Bath curtains, Curtains, Acrylic paint, Stretcher bars , 96”x 118” (inch) 


   Struggleing to get out from Doll’s House 1 , 2022, Table Cloths, Clothes, Domestic pipes, Kitchen supplies, Bess wax and Acrylic paint on Stretcher bars , 47” x 25” (inch)

Struggleing to get out from Doll’s House 2 , 2022
Table cloths, Clothes, Curtains, Canvas fabrics, Bess wax  Acrylic mediums, Acrylic paint on Stretcher bars , 41” x 65” (inch)